Membership Q&A

The Socio-gerontechnology Network (SGN) is a formal association under Dutch law registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (“vereniging met volledige rechtsbevoegheid”). We collect membership fees to provide our members with more benefits.

You can register as a member here.

What are the benefits for you of being a (paying) member of the Socio-gerontechnology Network?

– Free/reduced fee participation in

  • our annual conferences
  • webinars and online colloquia on conceptual and methodological issues in Socio-gerontechnology

– Opportunities to be active in the organization, such as

  • Voting in elections for the SGN board
  • Serving on SGN committees
  • Running for SGN office

– Participation in the SGN online community and timely access to all SGN communications, including the 6-monthly newsletter listing curated calls for papers and positions in the field of Socio-gerontechnology and possibilities for joint publications and conference presentations.

– Suggesting and/or hosting events, for instance in the context of the International Conversations in Ageing and Technology Series.

We also  offer travel grants and small funding awards for early career researchers to attend our annual meetings.


What are the benefits of being a registered association? Why is it important for the Socio-gerontechnology Network?

As a registered organisation, the Socio-gerontechnology Network (SGN) can serve even better what we do as a network – advancing of and advocating for critical and reflexive thinking on ageing and technology. As a registered organisation and legal person, we can make the voice of the SGN heard even better in the outside world. It makes the work we all do as individual researchers and practitioners more legitimate, and as a group we are a more legitimate partner for relevant research organisations, policy makers and other stakeholders.

As a Dutch association, all the power lies with individual members, i.e., important mandates and decisions can only be cast by a majority vote of all members. For instance, this implies that the executive board is elected every two years by the general assembly, and that all members can nominate themselves to become a member of one of the committees and the executive board. Please consult this document for how we organise this in the SGN.


How much are the membership fees?

The standard membership fee is 40 EUR per year. A reduced fee of 20 EUR per year applies for students (including PhD students), un/underemployed scholars and scholars from non-OECD countries. Please follow your own judgment if you fit in this category.

Our membership year starts on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September in the following year. Members of the Socio-Gerontechnology Network are billed once every year for their membership. Invoices are distributed via e-mail to each member in October every year. Members who sign up during the year receive free membership until the following October and will not be billed proportionately.


What will you do with the membership fees?

There are three main areas in which the membership fee will make a huge difference in how we can be an even better forum for and representation of our members:

  • it will allow us to develop a more effective communication strategy, most importantly through the design of a professional website and a common design identity for our revamped newsletter, the Twitter account, etc.
  • on a continuous basis, it will allow us to facilitate meetings and introduce more people to our way of approaching ageing and technology. For instance, we can subsidise our annual meetings with small but decisive amounts to cover costs for meals and drinks. So far, the annual meetings have been possible because the organizers have managed to secure some funding from their respective organisations. This model is not sustainable and poised to run up against limits when meetings are getting bigger.
  • on the longer run, we are planning on travel subsidies for early career researchers to attend our annual meetings. In how far this is feasible depends on the number of members we have in the future.

We will publish a financial report each year that specifies all our earnings and spending, including a justification of our spendings.

At the risk of stating the obvious – the work of the executive board and the committees is completely voluntary (it is stipulated in our bylaws that our executive members cannot receive a renumeration in any form).


Where do I have to transfer the membership fees?

In October each year you will receive an invoice with all the necessary information on how to transfer your membership fees.


How can I quit being a member?

You can end your membership at the end of each membership year (1 October every year), with a notice of at least 4 weeks. We don’t give refunds on the annual fees for your current membership period. To quit your membership, please send an e-mail to at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of a new membership year.


How can I get actively involved in the network?

Our network lives by the activities of its members – so we are always looking for people who want to get actively involved, bring in ideas and make them happen! To get involved, you can join one of the network’s committees: the communication committee, the event committee and the committee of trust. If you want to join one of the committees, reach out to the committee chairs. You can find the contact details here. If you are interested in founding a new committee, please get in touch with us at


I have more questions. How can I reach out to you?

If you have any questions regarding membership, send us a message to
If you want to join one of the committees, reach out to the committee chairs. You can find the contact details here.


How can I check my current membership status?

If you have any questions regarding membership, send us a message to


Where can I find the articles of association of the Socio-Gerontechnology Network?

You can access the articles here (in Dutch).