The New Book “Socio-gerontechnology – Interdisciplinary Critical Studies of Ageing and Technology” is out!

In this volume, scholars from the Socio-gerontechnology Network discuss recent trends in the critical scholarships on age, ageing and technology, as they emerge from the ongoing dialogue between Age Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS).

Peine A, Marshall BL, Martin W and Neven L (eds.) (2021) Socio-Gerontechnology — Interdisciplinary Critical Studies of Ageing and Technology. London: Routledge.

Comprised of 15 original contributions, three commentaries and an afterword, the book explores common conceptual, theoretical and methodological ideas that become visible in the emerging body of critical scholarship that explores how ageing and technology are already interconnected and constantly being intertwined in Western societies. The book is an agenda-setting text that will provide an introduction for students and early career researchers as well as for more established scholars who are interested in the diverse encounters though which ageing and technology shape each other in such diverse settings as social media use, design of care robots, ageing-in-place policies, technology futuring, participatory methods, public consultations of age-friendly cities, dementia care and many others.

The contributions offer critical interventions from the social sciences and humanities towards the many well-endowed public innovation and technology development programmes and private consumer technology initiatives specifically aimed at older people

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