Digital Health Society Summit – Reflections from SGN Executive Board Member Carla Greubel

On the 24th of November 2021, the Digital Health Society (DHS) and the ECHAlliance hosted a panel session within the Digital Health Society Summit 2021, on “Cultural and regional aspects influencing digital health adoption and upscale”, involving representatives from the EU projects Gravitate Health, Valuecare, Gatekeeper and Brainteaser. Among the panelists was one of our SGT Network executive board members, Carla Greubel.

“Values can mean very different things to different people, they are lived experiences and we need to address this for a sustainable scaling of health and ageing innovations.”

With this provocation Carla brought in a Socio-Gerontechnology perspective to the discussion. Drawing in particular on the empirical ethics of care approach (Pols, 2015) she illustrated why and how we should analyse the values and needs of older people and their socio-technical care network not at the abstract level, but embedded in each person’s context, relationships, and daily life.

The session has been recorded and can be accessed here: